Organic farming means to cultivate, breed and produce according to the organic philosophy means considering the whole ecosystem, preserve the natural fertility of the soil and promote biodiverità. Every activity, action or cultural practice is designed and implemented in order to preserve to the maximum all dell’ecostistema components (microorganisms, animals and plants) performing limited interventions and reducing the use of energy ausiliara (biological cycle). In our company are not used synthetic products and genetically modified (GMO) but only organic compounds.

Along the boundaries of the areas that are home to annual crops is the natural vegetation typical of the Mediterranean. The stain is a major Mediterranean ecosystems and represents a factor of extraordinary ecological importance. The Mediterranean maquis the preserve, and keep it in pristine condition because it houses and is a food source for a wide range of organisms useful predators of major crop pests. The areas covered by scrub we use to breed several species of fauna in the wild such as deer, European hare, in other species. Also the stain also performs different function: that of soil erosion protection, serves as a windbreak in addition to constituting a typical decorative element of the landscape of the place.

Choose an organic food does not mean buying products with a higher price but a seasonal product with a higher value: to choose organic is a philosophy of life, healthy eating, of allowing the agricultural world to work as naturally as possible, preserve biodirversità of places and the water quality by avoiding the use of nitrates.

“Do not forget that we are guests on this Earth and not owners.”

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