What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings stored in the user's personal computer when visiting certain pages on the internet.

To order products on the DONNA TINA STORE website, cookies must be enabled. If the user does not wish to accept cookies, he can still browse the website and use it for research purposes. In most browsers, cookies are enabled and at the bottom of the page it will be possible to find the information necessary to change the cookie settings on your browser.

Therefore, cookies do not collect information that directly identifies the user. In fact, DONNA TINA STORE cannot use cookies to trace any personally identifiable information (e.g. name, surname) unless provided directly by the user himself. In addition, it should be noted that another website cannot use a cookie released by the DONNA TINA STORE website to access other information contained on the user's computer. Once saved on the computer, the cookie can only be read by the website that created it.

The cookie allows the Site to identify the user's PC, through the information stored there, whenever the user reconnects to the Site through that PC.

Through the use of cookies it is possible to facilitate user navigation within the Site.

DONNA TINA STORE, therefore, reserves the right to use cookies unless the user expressly disagrees where the applicable law or regulations so establish, to facilitate navigation on the site and personalize the information that will appear.

To this end, DONNA TINA STORE reserves the right to use similar systems to collect information on users of the site, such as for example IP address, type of internet browser and operating system used and / or web pages visited by a user, for statistical purposes. or security. DONNA TINA STORE may collect this information to track site usage and improve certain aspects.

Cookies are not harmful to the user's computer, tablet or smartphone. In fact, the cookies generated by DONNA TINA STORE do not store personal identification information such as credit card details, but only encrypted information collected to improve the browsing experience on the site. For example, cookies are useful for identifying and resolving errors, or for determining relevant related products to be shown to you while browsing, allowing you to navigate between the various pages efficiently, remembering user preferences.

Navigation cookies

These cookies are essential to allow the user to move around the site and to use its features, such as accessing the reserved areas of the website. Without cookies, the requested services cannot be provided, such as online shopping.

Strictly necessary cookies are used to store a unique identifier in order to manage and identify the user, compared to other users who are currently visiting the site, in order to provide the user with a consistent and precise service.

Performance cookies

These cookies can be from DONNA TINA STORE or from its own partner, session or persistent, their use is limited to the performance and improvement of the website. These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated anonymously and is used only to improve the functionality of the site.

Functional cookies

Cookies are usually the result of a user action, but they can also be implemented in the provision of a service not explicitly requested but offered to the user. They can also be used to prevent a service previously offered and refused from being offered back to that user. Furthermore, these cookies allow the site to remember the user's choices (such as user name, language, country of origin, etc ...). The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and cannot track user behavior on other sites.

Third party cookies for marketing / retargeting

These cookies can be used by partners of DONNA TINA STORE, in order to present advertising banners of DONNA TINA STORE when it is in other sites, showing the latest products viewed on the site. While the user will browse the DONNA TINA STORE website, these cookies are also used to show products that may be of interest or similar to those previously viewed, based on your browsing history. The use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data, but can allow connection to the user's personal computer or other devices and trace the saved data: cookies connect to the browser installed on the personal computer or on other devices used while browsing the DONNA TINA STORE website.

What are the cookies used by DONNA TINA STORE?

Temporary cookies

They are the so-called "session cookies" and are released by the Site on the user's computer while browsing, but are stored only for the duration of the browsing session itself. This means that when the user closes his browser the cookies are automatically deleted and disappear, without remaining stored on the computer. Through the use of these cookies, it is possible to facilitate user navigation within the Site, for example by remembering the data provided by the user when filling in forms on the Site (so-called user input cookies), to recognize the user after logged in to the Site (so-called authentication cookies), to customize the interface of the site based on the preferences indicated by the user, etc.

These cookies do not require the acquisition of the user's prior and express consent as strictly necessary to provide the service requested by the user of the Site (pursuant to art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code).

Permanent cookies

These are the cookies released by the Site on the user's computer while browsing, but are also stored for the duration of the browsing session itself, until they expire or until the user cancels it.

The use of these cookies requires the express and informed consent of the user (pursuant to art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code); by registering on the site, the user gives his consent to enable the aforementioned cookies, through the information provided with this text. It should be noted that the user, by accessing the DONNA TINA STORE website home page, viewing the cookie information banner, accepting the use of cookies and viewing the information provided, therefore provides his specific consent to the use of the Cookies. It is also considered a valid consent by the user to have configured his Internet browser (eg Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) in order to accept the use of cookies (ex art. 122, paragraph 2, of the Code ).

Furthermore, if the user registers on the Site and gives his specific consent to monitor his browsing, the data relating to browsing on the Site may be associated with his personal data.

With regard to the cookies used on the Site, we provide the following information:

1) The domain name from which the Site server transmits cookies is: www.donnatinastore.com

2) Purpose of the collection: cookies are used in order to allow easier and faster navigation within the Site, improve the browsing experience by suggesting the best products and promotions based on the navigation performed.

3) Validity of cookies: the Site uses session cookies (i.e. cookies that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed), as well as permanent cookies (i.e. cookies that are stored until canceled by the user), whose duration does not exceed in any case the six months.

4) Need for acceptance of cookies: acceptance of cookies is not mandatory but their deactivation, although it allows navigation within the Site, may not make it possible to release some content and functionality of the Site.

5) Deactivation and cancellation of cookies: it is possible to deactivate or delete cookies at any time. To do this, it is necessary to consult the information given in the browser User Manual (Help Page). In particular, if you do not want to receive cookies, you can set your browser in such a way as to be warned of the presence of a cookie, thus being able to decide whether to accept it or not; you can also automatically refuse all cookies by activating the appropriate option in your browser.

6) Data communication: the information collected through cookies is confidential and is not disclosed to third parties. The following information is contained in the cookies (transmitted by the www.donnatinastore.com domain): a numeric ID that uniquely identifies DONNA TINA STORE and a numeric ID that identifies the user (who navigates the site), both stored in our database; a numeric ID that uniquely identifies the user's browsing (so-called "record") within our database; an alphanumeric pseudo-random session ID automatically deleted by the browser when it is closed (session cookie).

How can i disable cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but they can also choose not to accept them. It is recommended not to disable this function, since this could prevent you from moving freely from one page to another and enjoying all the peculiarities of the site. If you do not want your computer to receive and store cookies, you can change the security settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). In any case, certain parts of DONNA TINA STORE can be used in their fullness only if the browser accepts cookies; otherwise, you will not be able, for example, to add products to your shopping cart and purchase them. As a result, his choice to remove and not accept cookies may adversely affect the user's permanence on the site.

To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, you can download the browser add-on for deactivating Google. Analytics.

DONNA TINA STORE provides this information as an integral part of its initiative aimed at compliance with recent legislation, and to ensure its honesty and transparency regarding its privacy when the user uses the DONNA TINA STORE website.

In any case, it will be possible to find further useful information on cookies on the following websites: allaboutcookies.org and youronlinechoices.eu.

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